Doctor Aquarium

Doctor Aquarium, is an innovative aquarium automation assistant that monitors the health of your aquarium and takes actions so it will not get sick. It works with standard X10 home automation modules, and can measue pH, Temperature, Light Levels, Sound

Universal Real-Time Oscilloscope Library

Fast universal oscilloscope GUI library for data acquisition, simulation. Advantages: 1. Performance: Over a million quantization steps of signal per second. 2. Versatility, convenient integration: the oscilloscope is executed as a DLL. 3. A


TWedge Software Wedge

Automated data acquisition with TWedge - Keyboard Wedge, Software Wedge, Barcode Wedge: this data acquisition software extends programs and databases with real time data collection. Data from RS232, RS485, USB, Bluetooth and TCP/IP interfaces (e.g.


ServerComp create TCP/IP server in .net easily. Less than 10 lines of code, you can test client/server application and concentrate only on your business logic and protocal. Let ServerComp handle multi-threaded stuff for you. Workfine with both window form

ModCom  v.10.8

Free Windows software for Data Acquisition & Control, HMI / SCADA, Industrial Automation, Process Control, and Data Logging. Read data from sensors, turn on/off electrical equipment, output control voltages, count or time events, move stepper motors.

USBpulse100  v.1.0

SBpulse100 is a new concept in USB Digital Pulse/Clock Generator products. PC based pulse generators deliver many user benefits including flexibility, ease of use and economy.

WaveView for Windows  v.

WaveView for Windows is a new Microsoft® Windows™ based data acquisition package developed by Eagle Technology supporting our PCI range of personal computer plug-in cards. The software is extensively configurable, easy to use, quick to learn.

AlaVar  v.5 2

The program computes the three Allan Standard Deviations of a Time series. - Produce quality report plots. reports may be saved and exported in PDF, HTML, RTF, GIF, JPEG, BMP, EMF, WMF.

DT ChartRecorder  v.

DTChartRecorder is a free measurement application with easy to use panels and displays functions.

PicoLog  v.5.22.1

PicoLog data acquisition software is a powerful but flexible program for collecting, analysing and displaying data.

Keyboard Software Wedge TWedge  v.2.4.3

The data acquisition software TWedge extends software systems with real-time data collection. Device data (RS232, RS485, TCP/IP, USB, Bluetooth) is captured automatically and forwarded to applications (ODBC databases, files, virtual keystrokes).

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